Limber Anti-Cut Sleeve

Be comfortable on the job -- take the weight off with ↑ LIMBER UP ↑ This targeted protection allows you to move freely at work, while protecting your arms from the wrist, through the shoulder blade. This comfortable, flexible design gives you the comfort of a cut 3 sleeve, with the protection of a cut 5.

Take a load off, move over to Limber Anti-Cut Sleeves and leave behind your heavy steel gloves and sleeves

This targeted protection allows you to move freely at work, while protecting your entire arms from the wrist right up to the shoulder. This lightweight flexible design gives you maximum protection and comfort, with none of the pinching of steel gloves. Limber is a new concept combining soft textile and rugged stainless steel mosaics giving you the best of both -- all the protection with all the comfort. Limber is unique because it offers the high level of protection found in steel gloves without the heavy weight.  

The Limber products are tested to both ANSI 105 cut and the more rigorous HOSDB Slash method. All Limber materials are rated at ANSI Cut Level 5. Limber is offered in two levels HOSDB 50 newton slash and 80 Newtons of slash. The Limber system will make all your operators happy -- more mobility, more comfort, at much lower weight and twice the protection of other steel gloves and sleeves.


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Detailed Product Description

  • Limber gear is made of high strength polyester fabric and stainless steel mosaic inserts. The patented fabric and steel layering gives Limber product unique flexibility and softness.   

  • Industrial Wash and Dry

  • Compatible with all your typical sanitizing solutions.

  • Clean with Pressure Washer 5000 psi Fan nozzle

  • Size: Available in S, M, L, XL

  • Protection Coverage Area: Coverage wraps arm 360 degrees from wrist to shoulder blade.


Standards references

  • ANSI 105 Cut 5 (highest available level)

  • En388 Cut 5 (highest available level)

  • HOSDB Slash rating 50 and 80 newtons


There are currently no specifications listed