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  • ASTM F3 2878-10 Hypodermic Needle Puncture 28 Gauge WMI
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Insider Gloves Give Cut Protection to Rubber Coated Gloves

Insider Gloves Give Cut Protection to Rubber Coated Gloves

Many healthcare and custodial operations require rubber cover gloves to protect your team. At TurtleSkin we have engineered a new class of glove for your safety programs. It does not matter what type of gloves you are currently using. Disposable coated gloves, nitrile coated gloves,latex coated gloves are all great for contamination protection.  Protection from contamination is not enough, the rubber coated gloves have no puncture and cut resistance.  Your pu coated gloves, industrial rubber gloves and your disposable nitrile gloves all work with the Insider product.

Insider gloves a smooth and make it simple to take your coated gloves on and off. Keep track of how much time your team spends gloving. Anything that makes gloving faster helps with productivity.

Try it for your self, most of our customers say that it is more comfortable to wear a TurtleSkin Insider glove with a nitrile cover glove than alone.

We have 4 types of Insider gloves: 

TurtleSkin Insiders 

These are our basic liner product built around the needle and cut protection of our PalmMaster aramid woven. This material has great needle protection and good cut with ANSI level 3. This is our thinnest and most comfortable offering for use alone on under your coated gloves. 

  • Shell: cotton 
  • Palm protection: PalmMaster aramid Super tight woven, ANSI cut 3, Hypo Needle 
  • Finger tip protection: no
  • Back of hand Protection: no
  • Dexterity: very high 


CP Insiders 

These gloves are a balanced of great cut level protection and good puncture for large nails through hypodermic needles. This glove is the go-to product for your most common applications under disposable nitrite coated gloves. The CP Insider 300s and 330s + cover glove is comfortable and easy to wear solution.

  • Shell: nylon knit
  • Palm protection: CP Super tight woven, ANSI cut 4, Hypo Needle 
  • Finger tip protection: yes 330s and 430s 
  • Back of hand Protection: no
  • Dexterity: high


TurtleSkin Aramid StringKnits 

These glove combine the overall cut protection of Kevlar Aramid string knit shells with our super tight PalmMaster aramid woven cut and puncture insert. This is directly comparable to the CP Insider product with all over cut performance.  

  • Shell: Kevlar aramid knit 13 gauge 
  • Palm protection: PalmMaster aramid Super tight woven, ANSI cut 3, Hypo Needle 
  • Finger tip protection: ANSI cut  level 2
  • Back of hand Protection: ANSI cut level 2 
  • Dexterity: high 


Platinum Insiders

These gloves are a strong statement about control of hand injury control. These gloves have all over cut with the HPPE shells with cut level 5+ on the palm side. This glove has more thickness than the CP Insiders and the extra thickness reduces the dexterity. The overall protection is great for some applications. These gloves have puncture protection for Large nails right down to 28 gauge Needles  

  • Shell: HP polythene knit 13 gauge 
  • Palm protection: CP  Super tight woven, ANSI cut 5, Hypo Needle 
  • Finger tip protection: ANSI cut  level 5 + hypo needle protection for 330s and 430s 
  • Back of hand Protection: ANSI cut level 3
  • Dexterity: good

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Insider PM 300 Heat Protectant Glove

The Insider PM 300 is a heat protectant glove with cut and puncture protection. Comfortable with high dexterity.

Insider TS 300 Heat Protection Glove and much more

The Insider TS 300 Insider can be used as a heat protection glove. Also works great as cut and puncture resistant liner.

CP Insider 300 High Dexterity Glove

An ultimate dexterity glove, a perfect cut and puncture resistant liner glove.

CP Insider 310 Liner for Rubber Safety Gloves

Add puncture protection to any rubber safety glove or nitirle, just slip the CP Insider 310 under your disposable gloves.

CP Insider 330 Anti Cut Gloves

Anti cut gloves with needlestick protection. A great liner glove option with excellent dexterity.

CP Insider 430 Puncture Resistant Medical Gloves

Great for high exposure to needlesticks the CP Insider 430 is an option for puncture resistant medical gloves.

Aramid Insider PM 300 Heat Protection Gloves

The Aramid Insider PM 300 are heat protection gloves that work great as a liner. They also provide good cut and puncture protection.

Aramid Insider TS 300 Heat Glove

The Aramid Insider TS 300 works great as a heat glove and features a puncture resistant insert to protect against sharp threats.

Info: Complete Glove Guide

Info: Download of our Complete Glove Guide. This free guide makes Glove Sizing easy, Helps you select the right Glove design features, Makes Glove Standards easy to understand. Download Our Full Glove Guide

CP Lumber Gloves Solution for Lumber Handling

This liner glove fits excellent under a leather work shell, great for lumber handling as a sawmill glove or framing glove. Gauntlet cuffs provide additional protection.