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Food Processing / Meat Cutting Protection

TurtleSkin Limber, BladeTecT, and MeatCutters PPE

Now there are good options to butchers chainmail

TurtleSkin Protection will make you happier and more confident at work.

  • Limber Anti-Cut Garments- Textile-Steel Mosaic for Maximum Protection & Comfort
  • BladeTecT Anti-Slash Shirts- All-Textile Cut Resistant Under Garment for Maximum Comfort
  • CP Sleeves, Aprons, and Gloves- Simple One Piece, WaterProof, & Anti-Cut
  • BioTecT Gloves and Covers- with Maximum Antimicrobial Action  

You have to wear your protective gear for it to provide any protection at all. TurtleSkin gear is so soft and comfortable you will never be tempted to skip your PPE. TurtleSkin is now here to provide the Food Processing Industry with better options than just your standard butchers chainmail.

Look to TurtleSkin for protection, comfort and lightweight PPE

Limber better than butchers chainmail

options to butchers chainmail

Introducing TurtleSkin's new technology Limber Anti-Cut Protection, for all the mechanical threats in food processing. Turtleskin Limber Anti-Cut is new technology to the Food Processing Market that you and your operators will really love. Limber is easy to use in every category, weight, flexibility, protection, and cost. Limber is comprised of stainless steel mosaic built on soft textile for the comfort needed for a long day at work. The Limber products are built to two levels of performance  HOSDB 50 or 80 newton slash. This slash performance demonstrates LIMBER’s superior performance over even the heaviest butchers chainmail, and other aluminum mosaics without the added mass.  The LIMBER slash rating using the HOSDB test is designed to simulate forces and speeds that humans can produce with a knife.

WaistGuard instead of butchers chainmail

Limber lightweigth  option to chainmail apron

Compare LIMBER to chainmail


Industry standard butchers chainmail (0.7mm x 7mm dia) will only withstand 30 newtons of slash, about half of the force of the lower of the 2 Limber Anti-Cut products. Because Limber is a textile-steel mosaic it provides much more comfort than an all-metal product like butchers chainmail. Heavy all-metal products like butchers chainmail can be rough and irritating on the skin. Limber is more comfortable and better protection.


Limber products can be used with our integrated waterproof covers or with your existing aprons and sleeves.  

To learn more about ANSI Cut and HOSDB Slash ratings,  please visit Anti Stab, Slash, and Cut.



Some customers find mosaic or chainmail metal systems are just too heavy and not acceptable. These users really prefer an all-textile system for comfort and productivity. TurtleSkin BladeTecT has been engineered to provide Cut ANSI Levels 2, 3, 4 and also 80 newton HOSDB slash protection. BladeTecT is a soft knit fabric that feels like a light pullover and can be worn on its own or with your current  garments to protect you. BladeTecT is made of a 10oz knit and the Level 4 product is just about 2.5 lbs total in weight, a super low mass. BladeTecT is so light and soft it does not feel like PPE so you can get the protection without that heavy rough PPE feel. BladeTecT is offered in moderate and high protection versions with maximum comfort and wearability. BladeTecT can be used with your existing aprons and other outer covers. These garments are fully compatible with all your typical sanitizing solutions and washing systems.

This is the ideal solution that the industrial safety market has been waiting for, Anti-Cut clothing that lets you protect your team in a new way. BladeTecT has been very well accepted in entertainment and club venue security and other private security facilities. Now you can have BladeTecT comfort for your food service operations. You don't have to add a piece of PPE -- you just wear the BladeTecT shirt and you have Cut Resistance.


options to butchers chainmail

For some operations the simplest one piece PPE apron and sleeve system is key. Operators often don't want to have to put on complex garments to start working. The CP Apron and Sleeve line is right for these operations. The CP material is a super smooth and a durable woven and coated textile. The CP Apron, CP Sleeve, and CP Glove line protect the user at ANSI Cut Levels 4 and 5. The smooth waterproof material will not trap contaminates and is easy to wash and maintain. For many users these simple one piece CP products are perfect.

The CP products can be washed down with pressure washers or industrial washing equipment and contain no kevlar, so they are compatible with all your sanitizing solutions.


The BioTecT Gloves, Aprons, and Smocks offer a unique chlorine based coating that kills 99.9% of all 
E. coli bacteria in 90 seconds. The super fast antimicrobial killing action of these gloves and garments helps keep your operation compliant and protects your products from cross contamination in a way that no product before it has. This flexible textile based product disinfects itself throughout the day. It gives you confidence that you have eliminated a key source of cross contamination. Combine BioTecT with our Anti-Cut products and you have an unbeatable system for safety and contamination control.

It is TurtleSkin’s mission to provide the most protective and most flexible PPE. To keep your employees Comfortable, Compliant and Cut Free.

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CP Insider 330 Anti Cut Gloves

Anti cut gloves with needlestick protection. A great liner glove option with excellent dexterity.

CP Insider 300 High Dexterity Glove

An ultimate dexterity glove, a perfect cut and puncture resistant liner glove.