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Extended Coverage-Industrial and Construction Gloves

Industrial and Construction Gloves with Puncture and Cut Protection for Back of Hand

There is a fair bit of confusion in the market place for industrial and construction gloves. Many customers expect that because a glove is rated for cut and puncture that this protection covers the entire hand. This is not the case. In fact TurtleSkin offers some of the only products on the market that can protect your entire hand from cuts and puncture.  Over a range of products with this extended coverage.

  • 350 series, single ply with finger tip, side of index and small finger and  full back of hand coverage
  • 360 series, single ply with 100% coverage all over the hand
  • 450 series, Two ply with finger tip, side of index and small finger and  full back of hand coverage
  • 460 series, Two ply with 100% coverage all over the hand
  • 550 series, Three ply with finger tip, side of index and small finger and  full back of hand coverage
  • 560 series, Three ply with 100% coverage all over the hand

The x50 and x60 products are similar however only the x60 products have full coverage on all the sides of the fingers. This kind of 100% protection is really great a preventing splinter injuries. x60 products  are some of our best construction gloves,  great for wood product operations.

Because industrial and construction gloves are exposed to high abrasion, heat and chemical conditions we offer these gloves with a range of shell types.

  • Secure series with full leather shells with box finger construction are great for abrasion
  • Shift series has the popular leather gun cut shell, also know as a riggers glove
  • Chem gloves have a full dip 15mil nitrile shell
  • Heat gloves have a heavy insulating terry cloth shell for insulation
  • Full Coverage line can be worn alone or with your preferred shell

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CP Grip 550 Needlestick Resistant Gloves

The CP Grip 550 is one of our best performing needlestick resistant gloves. A great PPE option for high risk applications.

CP Insider 550 Solution for Slash Proof Gloves

Liner glove with advanced protection, the CP Insider 550 is a solution for slash proof gloves.

CP Wrap 450 Nearly Slash Proof Gloves

An alternative to slash proof gloves the Wrap 450 features advanced puncture protection on the palms with excellent grip.


Nitrile coated gloves with needle resistance on both sides of the hand. Advanced palm protection.