Cut and Slash Resistant Protective Clothing

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BladeTecT Undyed Anti-Cut Shirts

Be comfortable on the job, take a load off. ↑ ARMoR LiGHT ↑ BladeTecT is a breathable, comfortable, thin, all textile solution -- and our lowest weight system. For some customers mosaic or chainmail systems are just too heavy and not acceptable. These users really prefer an all textile system for comfort and productivity. Turtleskin BladeTecT has been engineered to provide Cut ANSI levels 2, 3, 4 and up to 80 newton HOSDB Slash protection.

Product Info: LIMBER SLASH

Product Info For Limber Slash Introducing TurtleSkin Limber Slash Garments. These new garment really delivers on the goals of the HOSDB Slash: Limber products are just simple lightweight garments. They feel, wear and wash like garments. They protect like body armor. Get anti stab vest performance without the discomfort. Product Info:Limber Slash Garments

BladeTecT Security Shirt - Sleeveless

A lightweight, breathable, concealable shirt designed to protect from the threat of blade edges and sharp cuts.

BladeTecT Security Shirt, Long Sleeve Cut Resistant Clothing

BladeTecT Shirts are light comfortable cut resistant clothing. These Stretch knit garments are easy to wear. BladeTecT has a full range of cut protection