WaterArmor: High Performance Waterjet Protection

Waterjet protection up to 40,000 psi

Unbeatable Protection

Advanced High Pressure Protection. TurtleSkin WaterArmor personal protective equipment offers increased water jet protection at all pressures at specified flow rates for UHP waterblasting operators using straight or rotary nozzles.

Easy Maintenance. WaterArmor's rugged outer layer is low-maintenance and easy to clean, and also provides improved chemical resistance.

Modular Design

Replaceable Parts System. WaterArmor's modular component system is designed with multiple panels that can be replaced individually. Gaiters, Suits, and Gauntlets are each sold separately. Buy only the pieces you need.

One Size Fits All. Each TurtleSkin WaterArmor garment features adjustable straps. The thigh panels on the chaps can be lengthened or shortened to fit the height of any operator.

Lasting Comfort

Open Back Stays Cooler Longer. Waterjetting is tiring, difficult work. TurtleSkin WaterArmor's unique design provides robust waterjet protection for the front of the operator, while the open back allows for increased circulation.

Built-in Knee Pads. WaterArmor chaps have cushioned knee pads that protect knees from UHP water jet streams and reduce discomfort from kneeling on hard surfaces.

Increased Productivity

Reduced Operator Fatigue. TurtleSkin's patented technology features the tightest weave ever achieved with aramid fibers, yet our PPE material is surprisingly lightweight to wear.

The PPE Operators Want. WaterArmor's hinged panel design allows for greater flexibility and range of motion. Our patented fabric system bends with the body, while each suit component panel moves independently.

TurtleSkin WaterArmor is CE Certified Personal Protective Equipment. WaterArmor PPE has been CE type approved by Centexbel, Montoyerstraat 24, B-1000 Brussels, Belgium (notified body 0493) according to the directive 89/686/EEC. Certificate number: 00101317. We confirm that each product is identical to the item subjected to the type approval.

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