Snake Bite Resistant Clothing

Snake Resistant Hunting Clothes - Tested with Live Rattlesnakes

Video: Testing Snake Resistant Clothing with Live Rattlesnakes

We developed our snake resistant fabric to be lightweight and flexible so that hunters can easily adapt SnakeArmor to meet the challenges of protection and wearability across all hunting seasons.

These all-weather, waterproof snake fang resistant clothes are ideal for pheasant, turkey, and upland bird and game hunting.

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor is tested with live diamondback rattlesnakes, successfully repelling snake bites and venom.

  • One third the weight of other hunting clothes
  • Certified hunting results
  • Waterproof hunting protection from snakes
  • Cool comfort while hunting
  • Reversible gaiters
  • Patented technology


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