Military Inflatables: Lightweight Flexible Composites

LEMV Airship Built With TurtleSkin Technology

Did you know?

Mars Lander made From TurtleSkin Inflatable Fabric

We helped to develop the mission-critical airbag fabric used in three successful rover landings on Mars: Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity.

TurtleSkin Fabrics and Laminates for Military Inflatables

TurtleSkin fabrics and laminates are developed for inflatable structures used in military, aerospace, and marine applications. We provide vertical manufacturing for customized laminate materials, from research and development to full-volume production. With advanced abilities in adhesion chemistry, we also design custom coatings. Our proprietary heat-seal bonding offers superior tensile strength and durability.

TurtleSkin Ultra-Lightweight Flexible Fabrics

Robust, lightweight TurtleSkin fabrics are used in the development and manufacture of inflatable tents and shelters, evacuation slides, boats and buoyancy systems, and lighter-than-air vehicles. TurtleSkin tightly woven, flexible Vectran®/aramid fabrics are used as protective barriers in helium inflatables, as well as inflatable airships and aerostats, including blimps and high-altitude weather balloons.

TurtleSkin Aerospace Materials and Composites

TurtleSkin fabrics and flexible composites have been developed for mission-critical aerospace inflatable structures. Our project partners have included NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Raytheon. We worked with ILC, JPL, and NASA in the development of the inflatable Mars landing airbags for the Pathfinder, Spirit, and Opportunity exploration missions.

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