Chem-Bio Defense: TurtleSkin Fabrics & Laminates

Nurse in Chem-Bio Tent

Did you know?

TurtleSkin fabrics and laminates are manufactured by Warwick Mills of New Ipswich, New Hampshire.

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Materials Engineering Capabilities

Fielding requirements of protective tents and emergency shelters demand laminates that maintain their chem-bio protection and overall integrity throughout the life of the product. Even after repetitive erecting and striking, decontamination, exposure to abrasion and UV, and weathering, our laminates are designed to resist pinholing, tearing, and delamination.

Lightweight Barriers for Collective Protection

Our engineers have made advances in high-strength textiles, adhesives, and durable protective coatings leading to new, lightweight chem-bio defensive laminates for inflatable and folding frame shelters.

TurtleSkin technology meets the rigorous military requirements for blackout, IR signature, thermal load, packing volume, interply peel strength, tensile strength, and flame resistance.

Developed for Natick Soldier System Center's Shelters Technology, Engineering and Fabrication Directorate (STEFD) and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), TurtleSkin CB material was selected for the new CBPS-M4A program and also meets the demanding specification for JECP.

If you have questions about TurtleSkin Chem-Bio Defense, please contact a TurtleSkin Safety Expert. Call 603.291.1000. You may also email your questions to: