TurtleSkin® CP Recycling Gloves

Needle and Injury Protection for Recycling and Belt Sorting

TurtleSkin CP Recycling Glove is a nitrile dipped glove with higher than average levels of cut and puncture resistance, and is surprisingly soft and lightweight.

Equipped with protection properties of ANSI cut level 4, ANSI puncture level 4 and WMI hypodermic needle level 4, the CP Recycling Glove tackles the hidden dangers of belt sorting for professionals.

Suggested Uses
  • Recycling Handling
  • Bottle Processing
  • Belt Sorting
ANSI Protection Levels
ANSI Puncture Resistance 4
ANSI Cut Resistance 4
ANSI Abrasion Resistance 6
WMI Needle Resistance 4

Want more information about CP Recycling Gloves?

Contact a TurtleSkin Safety Expert at 603.291.1000. You may also email your questions to: inquiries@turtleskin.com

Needle and Cut Resistant CP Recycling Gloves
Needle and Cut Resistant CP Recycling Gloves