28 Gauge Hypodermic Needle Protection! 5 Tips to Fit Gloves

Affordable Cut & Puncture Protection From TurtleSkin

CP Neon won't slow you down as you work CP Neon offers true cut protection, even against the blade of a saw CP Neon is made to work in the real world CP Neon is tested and approved for real protection

Understanding Threats and Protection

Most cut injuries start with gloves being punctured by the threat although the technology for puncture protection is very different than for cut. If you're not protected against punctures, you're often not protected against cuts either.

TurtleSkin gloves provide value by offering protection against both threats—all in a single, thin layer of fabric.

TurtleSkin CP Neon new patent-pending technology offers an unparalleled protection/dexterity ratio—you get the best puncture and cut resistance AND the best dexterity on the market.

New! TurtleSkin CP Neon General Safety Gloves

Leave behind bulky safety gloves that slow you down. TurtleSkin CP Neon gloves give you featherlight control with every twist and turn. You get great PUNCTURE protection from sharp metal and glass, plus the DEXTERITY you need to tackle any job. Best of all—they are surprisingly AFFORDABLE. Don't settle for inferior gloves that only lead to accidents and inefficiency. Made out of bonded, patent-pending TurtleSkin fabric, these CP Neon gloves are also breathable and protect your hand from cuts, tears and abrasions—when it comes to protection, CP Neon nimbly delivers every time.

Choosing the right glove

CP Neon is a comprehensive, general safety glove line that offers three levels of puncture and cut protection while retaining the highest dexterity possible. Determine the threat you face—then choose between CP Neon 300, 400 or 500.

CP Neon 300

Lightweight and nimble all day long

ANSI Cut Level 3

ANSI Puncture Level 3

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CP Neon 400

Extra cut and puncture protection

ANSI Cut Level 4

ANSI Puncture Level 4

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CP Neon 500

Excellent cut and puncture protection

ANSI Cut Level 5

ANSI Puncture Level 5

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