Did you know?
The U.S. Government provides up to 50% funding for the purchase of TurtleSkin Body Armor by state and local law enforcement.

To see if you qualify, go to www.ojp.usdoj.goc/bvpbasi

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Correctional Officers Vest
Science for Life™

Corrections officers walk a tough beat. Faced with the most serious threats everyday, they need serious protection. That’s why we are proud to introduce our new stab resistant TurtleSkin Corrections Armor.

Protection and Flexibility

From CERT to line officers, and intake to the SHU, TurtleSkin Corrections Armor meets the unique demands of corrections professionals.

First we consulted with corrections professionals about their specific needs. Then we designed our new stab armor around the industry leading TurtleSkin Metal Flex Armor (MFA) panels.

NIJ certified Level 3 Edged Blade and Spike

The new TurtleSkin Concealable Corrections Vests and TurtleSkin Cell Extraction Vests were designed by Full-Time CERT officers to offer combined Spike and Edged Weapon Level 3 protection.

Best of all, the flexible component system fits and moves with the officer, providing a new level of comfort and flexibility.


Officers interested in TurtleSkin Body Armor, please call 603.291.1000 or email inquiries@warwickmills.com

TurtleSkin is designed and manufactured 100% in the USA by Warwick Mills