Body Armor Questions and Answers


Body Armor Questions and Answers
TurtleSkin Corrections Officer Body Armor

TurtleSkin SoftPlate Body Armor Questions

Does TurtleSkin Body Armor provide bulletproof protection?

Body armor is not completely bulletproof.

TurtleSkin Body Armor is engineered and rigorously tested to offer superior Level IIIA ballistic and blunt trauma protection. Our design margins differentiate us from other products on the market. We run ballistic tests on aged and pre-flexed armor panels, to ensure that the final product offers the highest level of safety.

How Does TurtleSkin Armor reduce backface trauma?

By absorbing and disapating more energy over a greater backface area, TurtleSkin Body Armor is able to reduce behind armor blunt trauma.

What makes TurtleSkin Body Armor a better choice?

Our design margins. TurtleSkin Body Armor is the new benchmark of performance. This means better ballistic protection above and beyond the standard Level IIIA requirements, to ensure greater protection.

Who can I contact if I have more TurtleSkin Body Armor questions?

Contact one of our Body Armor Experts at 603.291.1000 or email

TurtleSkin Stab Armor Questions

Does TurtleSkin MFA provide bulletproof protection?

When combined with ballistic packages TurtleSkin MFA is capable of providing combined spike and ballistic protection. TurtleSkin MFA Material alone does not offer ballistic protection.

What protection level is TurtleSkin Corrections Armor rated for?

TurtleSkin Corrections Armor combines NIJ Edged Weapon Level 3 and Spike Level 3 protection. It contains the only flexible stab panel that provides NIJ Stab Level 3 protection. TurtleSkin Corrections Armor also protects from puncture by hypodermic needles.

How does TurtleSkin Body Armor prevent stab injuries?

A combination of a flexible metal hard plate and layers of puncture resistant TurtleSkin fabric make TurtleSkin Stab Armor effective. The flexible metal absorbs the impact of the blade while the layers of fabric tangle to prevent penetration.

General Body Armor Questions

Who is TurtleSkin Body Armor designed for?

Military personnel, law enforcement, corrections officers, and authorized private security staff who want the best ballistic and stab protection delivered in the lightest, most flexible design.

What is the warranty on TurtleSkin Ballistic and Stab Armor

Warranty (pdf)

Officers interested in TurtleSkin Body Armor, please call 603.291.1000 or email

TurtleSkin MFA Components
TurtleSkin MFA Sell Sheet
Did you know?
The U.S. Government provides up to 50% funding for the purchase of TurtleSkin Body Armor by state and local law enforcement.

To see if you qualify, go to www.ojp.usdoj.goc/bvpbasi

Level IIIA Body Armor
Level IIIA Body Armor