Stab Resistant Body Armor

Flexible TurtleSkin MFA Material

Stab Threats on TurtleSkin MFA
Stab Threats on TurtleSkin MFA Material
Advanced Multi-Threat Stab Material

TurtleSkin MFA (Metal Flex Armor), is an advanced stab armor material which can be combined with traditional armor materials to achieve outstanding protection against knives, spikes, and hypodermic needles in a thin, flexible, and lightweight panel.

TurtleSkin MFA material is available only to Body Armour Manufacturers (BAMS) outside North America. In North America corrections/law enforcement officers, military personnel and certain private security staff can get the life-saving benefits of TurtleSkin MFA in Warwick Mills' product line of stab resistant body armor.

Design Advantage

TurtleSkin MFA is a platform technology which combines high-performance textiles with solid elements to provide the protection of a steel plate with the flexibility of a textile.

Solid element and textile components can be scaled up or down in weight and thickness to achieve the body armour system designer's desired weight, flexibility, price and threat type/level goals.

TurtleSkin MFA panels are custom-built to BAM's patterns and arrive at the BAM's production facility ready for insertion into an armour panel with no cutting or finishing required by the BAM. TurtleSkin MFA is not available in roll form.

TurtleSkin's garment design engineers are capable of accepting armour panel patterns in a broad range of electronic or hard-copy formats and will produce bespoke custom-made panels based on the shapes provided by the BAM.

Protection Levels

TurtleSkin MFA has been tested against many of the international body armour standards for protection against spike, knife and hypodermic needle stab resistance.

TurtleSkin MFA does not offer a stand alone rated level of performance, but compliments ballistic armour panels to achieve the highest levels of stab resistance against a variety of threats.

Manufacturers that would like to incorporate thin, lightweight and flexible stab resistance with existing ballistic resistant panel designs should consider MFA.

UK stab resistant body armor standard US stab resistant body armor standard EU/ISO stab resistant body armor standard
  • ISO/DIS 14876-3:1999 Protective clothing - Body armour Part 3 Knife stab resistance
  • ISO/DIS 14876-4:1999 Protective clothing - Body armour Part 4 Needle and Spike stab resistance
Physical Properties

Areal density: 4.2-6.3 kg/m2 depending on the desired threat level
Thickness: 3-4.5 mm, depending on the desired threat level

*TurtleSkin MFA does not offer ballistic protection.

TurtleSkin MFA Components
TurtleSkin MFA Sell Sheet
Did you know?
The U.S. Government provides up to 50% funding for the purchase of TurtleSkin Body Armor by state and local law enforcement.

To see if you qualify, go to www.ojp.usdoj.goc/bvpbasi

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