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The U.S. Government provides up to 50% funding for the purchase of TurtleSkin Body Armor by state and local law enforcement.

To see if you qualify, go to www.ojp.usdoj.goc/bvpbasi

TurtleSkin Body Armor Carriers

Superior Comfort and Flexibility

Body Armor Carrier
TurtleSkin Body Armor Carrier
Carrier Design

TurtleSkin body armor carriers are designed for concealability, comfort, and mobility.

Our carrier system has been tested and refined for the utmost function and comfort. All carriers are custom sized and built to the user's specifications.

Our unique armor package suspension system effectively hangs the armor panel from attachment points at the shoulder. This helps prevent the common problem of curling and settling within the carrier, which occurs when a ballistic pack is loose and supported by its own weight.

A neoprene yoke spans across the back of the neck and shoulders to evenly distribute load, reducing pressure points and automatically adjusting for correct fit for greater freedom of movement. The wide waist belt wraps around the entire carrier for greater adjustment and also provides lumbar support. Finally, the ballistic pack is encapsulated in a specially designed slip cover to protect the pack from environmental attack and prolong the service life.

Carrier Materials

To ensure that we construct the best carrier available for all applications, TurtleSkin offers multiple carrier options. Our basic carrier is made from a lightweight poly cotton blend. This material has a high level of breathability and durability. Our second level of performance is our cotton silver fiber blend. Silver fibers are well known for their antimicrobial properties that inhibit bacterial growth and minimize odor.

All our carriers come with an 18 month warranty on materials and workmanship.

Officers interested in TurtleSkin Body Armor, please call 603.291.1000 or email inquiries@warwickmills.com

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