TurtleSkin Body Armor: Advanced Tactical Protection

Law Enforcement Professionals Wear TurtleSkin Body Armor for Advanced Ballistics Protection
TurtleSkin Police Gloves for Corrections Officers

TurtleSkin Technology Protects Officers From Dangers on the Job

TurtleSkin Body Armor offers a new approach to ballistic and stab protection, with testing methods that go beyond industry minimum requirements to ensure higher safety margins for ballistic and blunt trauma protection.

Why do we test our body armor so rigorously? Your life depends on it.

Our soft panel body armor is engineered to a higher standard, from inspiration to design to development. This means a body armor package that provides significant tactical advantages without sacrificing your comfort, flexibility, or concealability.

Known in the industry as the Corrections Experts, TurtleSkin's patented, high-performance products offer superior protection from cuts, stabs and other harmful threats in high-risk situations.

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Level IIIA Ballistic Armor

TurtleSkin Level IIA Ballistic Armor

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TurtleSkin SoftPlate Body Armor: Level IIIA Ballistic Protection

From engineering and testing for higher safety margins to design elements based on advanced fit, TurtleSkin Body Armor technology is the new benchmark of performance for Level IIIA concealable ballistic vests. TurtleSkin Body Armor is engineered to reduce non-penetrating injuries associated with blunt trauma to the chest and torso. TurtleSkin Body Armor provides comfort, concealability, and custom fit in designs for both men and women.   Learn more »

TurtleSkin Stab Resistant Armor: Combined Spike and Edged Weapon Protection

TurtleSkin Concealable Corrections Vests and TurtleSkin Cell Extraction Vests are made with TurtleSkin MFA (Metal Flex Armor) Material, the first body armor stab material that provides protection from knives, edged weapons, spikes, and needle threats in one thin, flexible, and lightweight panel. TurtleSkin Corrections vests are designed to offer a combination of Edged Weapon Level 3 and Spike Level 3 protection. They do not offer ballistic protection but improve overall performance of a ballistic body armor package by further reducing blunt trauma.   Learn more »

TurtleSkin BladeTecT: Lightweight Concealable Cut and Slash Protection

TurtleSkin BladeTecT Security Shirt is a breathable, comfortable, thin layer of clothing that will protect you from the threat of blade edges and sharp cuts. Designed for the most demanding and high-risk work environments, this shirt is the ideal solution that the protection and security market has been waiting for.   Learn more »