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Platinum Wrap Gloves

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Platinum Wrap

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TurtleSkin Platinum Wrap safety gloves combine superior cut and puncture protection in a durable nitrile-dipped glove with ANSI Cut Level 5 everywhere. Made from high-performance polyethylene fiber for high 360 cut protection over the entire glove, the Platinum Wraps are excellent safety gloves for tough work environments where the threats are inconsistent and unexpected. The waterproof palm of Platinum Wrap is well suited for conditions where workers are moving from wet to dry to oily. Finally, superior safety gloves with the highest puncture protection - not just cut protection. And higher comfort is achieved thanks to TurtleSkin's breakthrough technology of super thin protective materials. These safety gloves are a new level of performance that sets them apart by combining puncture, cut, liquid, grip and real comfort.
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TurtleSkin personal protection products are proudly manufactured by Warwick Mills of New Ipswich, New Hampshire. Visit the Warwick Mills website to learn more!